Environmental Awareness. We're all Green at Print It Fast Online.

Doing Our Part for a Cleaner Environment

At Print It Fast Online, we realize how important it is for companies to utilize more environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing techniques. As the environment needs us all more and more, Print It Fast Online is dedicated to using the safest and least polluting materials in producing our printed products.

Some of the Ways Print It Fast Online is Keeping It GREEN:

  • Soy-Oil Based Inks

    Also known as Vegetable-Oil Ink, Soy ink is a safe and environmentally friendly ink because it's a simple compound compared to petroleum-based ink.

  • Aqueous and UV coatings

    AQ and UV coatings consist of very low to zero traces of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which reduce harmful components that damage the atmosphere and surrounding environments.

  • Recycling of All Solutions

    All solutions are recycled and hazardous waste is removed with care to prevent any harm to the natural environment. All facilities are alcohol-free environments. Only the safest solutions are used.

  • Recyclable Paper Produced Specifically for Printing

    Our products are printed on recyclable paper which is produced specifically for printing and is not produced from illegally deforested trees.

Print It Fast Online is doing our part to keep the environment safe while we deliver you the highest quality full color printed products at low prices everyday.

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  • Support Autism Awareness. Purchase Autism Awareness tote bags from Print It Fast Online. 100% of the proceeds benefit the Autism Society of Kentuckiana (ASK) to help fund educational, outreach, support and autism awareness programs & activities.
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