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Printed Band and Musician Press Kits

A Printed Press Kit is a "must-have" promotional tool for all bands and musicians. It is the primary way bands and musicians introduce themselves to potential venues, record labels or promoters. Print It Fast Online is your online source for all the essential printed elements you need for the perfect Musician's Press Kit.

Band and Musician Press Kit Components

Full Color Presentation Folders-Print It Fast Online offers Custom Printed Presentation Folders to help you make the right first impression on promoters, publishers, record companies or managers of potential venues.

Our Full Color Presentation Folders are printed on premium quality 14 Pt. stock with a durable, eco-friendly UV coating. Our standard 9 x 12" Full Color Presentation Folders can be printed on one or both sides and have 4" deep pockets which are capable of holding all your printed press kit materials. Business card slits and CD slits are optional on your presentation folder pockets and the perfect way to help organize your Press Kit.

Cover Letter-Your cover letter introduces you or your band to whomever you are contacting. This should include an introduction, what your reason is for contacting this person and what action you wish them to take in regards to your request.

Biography-Your biography is one of the most important elements in a Musician or Band's Press KIt. The optimal bio will highlight your musical accomplishments and musical influences and include some interesting personal information.

Contact Info Sheet-This is pretty straight-forward and should include all booking and contact information. It is best to provide several ways for potential venues or promoters to reach you such as phone, cell, fax, email, website and mail.

Set List-Potential venues need to know the type of music you perform. The set list gives them the information they need to get a clear picture of your music style.

Lyrics Sheets-If you perform original music or are presenting yourself to record companies or music publishers, lyrics sheets are crucial.

We suggest using either our Full Color Glossy Flyers or Full Color Uncoated Flyers for your cover letter and other printed materials included in your press kit. Either comes in 8.5 x 11" size sheets which fit perfectly into your Press Kit Presentation Folder.

Print It Fast Online offers several paper stock and finishing options for our 8.5 x 11" Full Color Flyers. Glossy Flyers, printed on 100 lb. gloss book, can be finished with eco-friendly Aqueous or UV coatings. Uncoated Flyers are printed on a premium quality 70 lb. text.

Business Cards- Choose from several printing options for your standard business cards or foldover business cards including printing on one or two sides, full bleed, matte or gloss finish or durable Aqueous or UV Coating.

Posters- If you get booked, the venue may appreciate high quality Printed Full Color Posters to market the event. All Print It Fast Online Full Color Posters 13 x 19" and larger are printed on the highest quality 100 lb. gloss book with Aqueous Coating.

For smaller poster sizes, choose our Glossy Flyers or Uncoated Flyers that come in sizes up to 11 x17" with the option of Aqueous or UV coatings.

CD Covers, CD Tray Cards, & CD Sleeves- Full Color CD Covers and CD Tray Card Inlays fit standard or slim jewel cases and are perfect for Demo CDs. For those on a tighter budget, Custom Printed Full Color CD Sleeves are an excellent lower cost alternative for Demo CDs.

Stickers- If you are budget conscious, you can use a nice generic presentation folder and put a Custom Printed Full Color Sticker on the front. This is a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing custom printed presentation folders while still creating a Polished Press Kit.

Print It Fast Online provides Product Templates for all the printed products you will need to include in your Press Kit. We also provide a Design Guide with helpful information on design and file creation. Visit our Articles Page for links to informative Design Articles and stop by the Print It Fast Online Blog for printing news and tips.

Let Print It Fast Online to help you put together the Perfect Press Kit for you or your band. Print It Fast Online, your reliable online printer, is dedicated to providing top quality printed products at low prices every day.

If you have questions about Printed Band and Musician Press Kits or any of our other products and services, call us toll free at (888) 831-4817 or email us at Customer service is our top priority at Print It Fast Online!

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